Friday, October 14, 2016

A new world

I didn't look at when I last posted as far as the date, but it doesn't matter.  I have missed blogging and have started catching up on my favorite blogs as well.

A new world has meaning for several things.  I have had surgery on my knee finally and it feels pretty darn good.  I am almost 4 weeks out and there's only a few things still to be overcome like bending my knee all the way, using it to go up stairs, etc.  That will come though.

I am finally getting back to knitting.  I have two sock pairs to work on, one using Blue Moon yarn won someplace and another pair using Regia.  I have changed to using size 2 needles to ease not only the hand of the socks but its easier and a bit faster to knit them.  I will take pics later.

I am posting today on my new computer.  Trying to get up on Windows 10 and also learning to get faster on this keyboard.  I prefer traditional laptops for the keyboard and portability.  I wanted to stream some of the new tv stuff that's on and couldn't with my 12 year old laptop.  It's time to retire that one.  It's been a great laptop and so I got another Dell.  I have been sorely disappointed with their customer service though.  sheesh.  I hate getting on the phone and that's all I have done in the past week.  It was an operator problem when I ordered it so I guess I paid for it.

I have been shocked to have my brother marry again.  Love his new wife and think it will be great to have a sister again.  I will finish the Civil War quilt now for them.  I have the instructions out to finish the last two sets of main blocks and then have 64 (yes 64) blocks for the border.  That should be accomplished in doing a couple per day for a month or so.  It will be machine quilted by a good friend and then passed on to them to keep them warm this winter.

I have two sweaters to finish before either taking up another UFO or starting yet another one.  I have picked out two patterns for the little grand-nieces and nephew kids for Xmas so will get yarn and start on those too.  They are so much fun to knit for.  My sweaters are the kit from Iceland and a Drops sweater.  You can visit these on Ravelry.

We have a storm heading in here today.  My leaves are turning and I need to get out in the garden soon and dig my red and purple potatoes.  I also have a few Grannie Smith Apples and some Asian Pears.  I have found that letting them go through a first frost is best and I believe it as I did that last year.  Sweetens them all.  yum

I will get my pics taken of all the above and add them here.

Monday, October 12, 2015

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaccccccccccccckkkkkkkk

I like posting here rather than Facebook so much better.  It is beyond me sometimes to post there.

I see that I had just left my past job the last time I posted.  I had a long vacation after that and really didn't get much of anything done.  Then I worked at another job, this time part time.  I loved that job until my very much liked supervisor accepted a promotion in the company.  Then the worst happened.  New supervisor that wasn't a supervisor.  ack  After getting in trouble (are we 4 years old here?) for being allergic to her perfume (which she wasn't supposed to be wearing anyway).  My throat started closing, I was almost done with my work for the day, so got done and ran for it.  I did punch out and did everything that I was used to doing.  More stuff happened after that to not just me but others and I decided that I was still a grown up and not a 4 year old, so gathered my stuff and walked.  As it turned out, another person in another department walked out that very same day.  That was a common occurrence there.  We had also found out that she was the OPS manager's best friend.  What??!!??  We had no options.  Enough said.

I have been home again, trying to be retired this time to grow my business and begin my jewelry adventure.

I am trying to figure out how to get photos from my iphone to my email.   When I do, or don't.  I will take new pics from my Fuji and take care of that problem.  J

Monday, July 1, 2013

I am free

Hi all 5 of you out there.  :>)  The post title is a great one for me.  I am no longer working 50 hours a week.  You will never know how relieved I am to say that.  I have been off for a month now and it seems like a few days.  I have been catching up on sleep and resting as much as I can.

I am not fully retired, but am looking for either a part time job or full time (which now seems like part time after working so many hours for a year and a half).  That will help me do some reno work around the house.

I was able to order a great shed and the man and I got it all built and still like each other.  That's a real accomplishment.  ha!  Pictures soon.

I have been doing a little of the following:  reading, spinning, knitting, applique, gardening, organizing, etc.  Cool huh?  I am thrilled.  The first two weeks were so frustrating.  First off, I didn't know what to do with so much time.  I would get up early and do a few things and then crash.  I do still take naps when I want to or when I really can't keep my eyes open.  I am sleeping in until 8am or so every day now and staying up way until 10 or so.  It feels so decadent.

My front yard looks pretty darn good if I say so myself.  Last summer I was lucky to get the lawns mowed.  Now, I am finding actual plants in my garden beds and enjoying all that again.  I still haven't gotten my veg garden redone yet, but by fall it will be done and all ready for spring next year.  That is so exciting!

I will take lots of pictures and post.  It's so nice to be back here.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

pictures! wahoo

 This is a new sweater started.  Similar color to the Tapestry sweater.  I doubt if I have even talked about these projects on this blog, but have blabbed about them on Ravelry.  This is another rust colored sweater a bit deeper in color than the Tapestry sweater.  This is a Drops pattern 134-55.  Sometimes they name their patterns but not this one.  This is an interesting pattern to knit.  This is the top back piece.  Then the next part is to knit each side that starts middle back and goes around the back piece and to the front and up the front. It will be fun.  The next part is the second back/side/front and then the sleeves.  This is bigger yarn and is faster to knit.  Oh, yeah, Birdie managed to stick her foot into the picture and I didn't even know she was doing that.  See how she points to the fabulous knitting.

Here is the Tapestry sweater.  It's really slow going but a beautiful pattern.  I am almost to the waist.  It's a longer sweater.

That's it for knitting for now.  Now for quilting projects.  We (my applique group that I have been a member of for over 10 years) are working on "Welcome to the North Pole" another Piece'o'Cake pattern from way back when I joined the group.  Then we moved on to other projects and most of us never finished this one.  It's way cute and we are doing it 25% bigger than in the book.  I will embellish the quilt after it's quilted.  There will be all kinds of stuff on this quilt, sequins, beads, braid, buttons, and maybe glitter and fancy paints.

I have gotten some glitter onto this block already and had most of it done years ago.

This block is the next block that I finished.  Way back then, when I had only ever done a small amount of applique, this project scared me to death.  Lots of tiny, tiny pieces to be sewn.  I don't use fusible webbing very often and try not to.  So, I am learning and growing!

Is this not cute?  I don't have the little signs on the different buildings yet, but this one is the Royal Toy Works, the Candy Cane Factory and the Hats & Mittens Shoppe.

The Reindeer Barn.  Talk about tiny pieces.  omg  There is a little N on one of the front feet of the Reindeer on the weather vane.  Finished size of that N is about 3/8" x 3/8"

This is the home of Mr. and Mrs. Claus.  While reorganizing my fabric stash and UFO's I found a whole box of Christmas fabric.  I love this plaid with the gold threads running through it.  I love the pattern and it's wonky windows.  So fun.

This is the Japanese/denim quilt that I finally was able to finish (thanks to friend Malinda the machine quilter).  This was a wedding present for my Nephew and his new Wife.  So, they have been married for 4 or 5 years now, but better late than never.  The Japanese fabrics are really beautiful.  Stamp printed with Indigo in wonderful organic prints.  I couldn't resist naming the quilt "I'm Turning Japanese".  Heh, heh.  It's a big quilt and is meant to be that quilt that's used constantly for years and years and years.

I am thinking now of other stuff to show and tell.  But, will take more pictures and so you need to check back later.  :>)

Monday, February 18, 2013


Seems like I have titled more than one post with that title.  I have taken pictures.  Yesiree.  But, they are at home in the camera.  I will get my act together one of these days.

I have been out in the garden moving railroad ties.  And despite them being riddled with ant colonies, they are HEAVY.  I have learned not to use railroad ties for gardens.  The creosote even when very old, will stop anything from growing.  I am redoing my vegetable beds back to flat garden that I can make natural raised beds by shovel and rake.  This makes them movable and I can compost grass clippings, newspapers, etc. on the walkways.  Easier for me, good for the garden.

I ordered seeds from Park.  They have a big sale on right now Website  I used to order from Burpee's a long time ago, but they are EXPENSIVE.  sheesh.  Last year I joined a CSA but they have now overpriced what I got last year.  How much Swiss Chard, Patty Pan squash and Eggplants can one possibly eat?  Me?  Not very many.  The fresh greens were excellent though.

I attended the Helper Spring Retreat this year.  It was so very nice to have Michelle and Al take care of us.  Amazing food as always.  I spun all weekend (3 plus days).  I am almost done with the purple thrums.  yay  Something yummy will follow.  I have lots to choose from. 

Still working 10 hours of overtime a week.  Things are stressful as the project is behind and over budget.  And the project is in process of being turned over to the client.  Did I say stressful?  yah.  I don't know how long I will be here.  Am hoping for not long.  Ready to move along.

Update on the kitty.  Her toe surgery was an adventure.  She was not amused.  But, she is running around like a kitten again.  The toe had to be cut open to remove the rogue toenail.  She endured a "cast" of white tape and then a very modern sticky colored tape of emerald green.  She could walk on it soon after surgery so I am hoping it was healing pain and not pre-surgery pain.  The vet did an amazing job. 


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Holiday Weekend

So happy to have taken a couple of extra days off to total 5 days.  yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy  It's been so nice to just relax and knit.  I have been doing a few other things and will do some garden stuff tomorrow morning at least and organize some stuff in the garage.

Great Basin Fiber Arts Fair is over for this year.  It was truly wonderful to be inside the Arena at Salt Lake County Equestrian Park this year.  The best part?  No canopies to set up.

To catch up on projects:

The Chocolate Sweater

The Rockefeller Shawl as it is getting Clue 2

I also have been reworking the Ophir Creek yarn sweater:

Ravelled and skeined

5 minutes later after it was steamed

I steam with this fabulous tool

I also finish my skeins that I am to enter in competitions using the steamer.  So slick.  This is a Presto brand Tea Pot.

I had something special happen a couple of weeks ago:


The only thing I did to make them bloom really was to water them with warm water a couple of times.  Magic.

I have been doing a bit of applique.  I didn't finish the center medallions for the Red Aunt Millies Garden Quilt.  So, I have been cutting tons of little pieces and hand appliqueing them together to form the rounds.  I will post a pic of the quilt top again with all of them.  Blurry!  yikes.

That's it for today.  I think I will be working on the 2011 Civil War quilt tomorrow.  One more set of blocks, then sew the whole center together.  Then, a ton of border blocks.  That will be a project.  Just cutting the pieces will be a marathon, let alone sewing them all.  I think there are 64 blocks?  sheesh

OH!! I almost forgot, I was awarded the Best In Show rosette for my Gray Handspun Bluebird sweater.  I am so happy about that.  I have it entered in the State Fair, so I have my fingers crossed.  When it returns to the house I will take a pic of the finished project.  So proud.


Saturday, August 11, 2012


I cannot believe it's been so long since I posted.  I tell ya right now, this job I have been working at is for the birds.  I need to have my life back!

I have some eye candy.

This is the Mystery shawl for 2012 from Stephen West on Ravelry.  This is the first clue.  I have reknit this piece almost a couple of times.  I get distracted by tv or by thinking about other stuff I guess.  The darker yarn is Ebony from Fleece Artist.  The background yarn is an yarn Dankai Sock It To Me yarn.  It's a singles and I would never have knit socks from it but it's perfect for this project.

This is the other project that has my interest for now:

The pattern is the Fireside Sweater by Amber Allison.  This pattern is also from Ravelry.  Whenever I get bored at work, I look at patterns in the Ravelry library.  Someday I would so love to get some designs out of my head and publish them.  This is one of the fronts.  I have them done and am now on the back of the sweater.  This yarn is the New Zealand Woolpack that I bought from Paradise Fibers.  This yarn is kind of frustrating because there are neps in the singles every foot or so.  ack!!  

Quilting?  Yeah!

This is the 17th block of 20.  I will be sad when these blocks are done, but it's sure been fun.  Our applique group is going to be finishing a project that they were working on when I joined the group a long time ago.

Yup, another Piece'o'cake pattern.  This project is such a kick.  There is glitter, trims, braids, buttons, etc. added for effect.  You can see the glitter that I have added to one fabric.  Welcome To The North Pole

So, that's it for today.  It's the weekend and anything can happen.  :>)