Saturday, March 12, 2011

pics, no pics

Best laid plans.  No pics.  Yet.  Maybe tomorrow.  This week got way out of hand.  sheesh

Yesterday, I ordered an ebook on my Grace Frame so things are looking up.  I did go and find my old Brother sewing machine and moved it over to the frame zone.  It will work great.  It has a deeper throat, so I am psyched now to get the thing all finished and learn!  This machine was bought in the, well, lets just say it was awhile before I got married.  It was a special Brother, they were just starting to sell them in the US.  It's white and has a sealed motor.  I never had one bit of problem until one day the zig zag didn't zig nor zag.  I took it to a mechanic who told me to buy an old machine and try to fix the broken cam part with the old machine parts.  Well, that didn't happen.  I bought a new Baby Lock instead.  I found out that day that they weren't making new machines as well as the old machines.  sigh.  If the sun is shining, my tongue is in the right place, (you get the idea) then the stitch tension will work right.  I have used it a lot and when I was bit-a-er-complaining about it to the man, he decided to buy me a new machine for Xmas that year.  woohoo!!  That's how I got a new Singer Curvy.  I really love this machine and have used it a LOT already.

I am still using all the other machines as well.  I now have my mom's old Necchi and an old black (antique) Singer that's not working as of yet.  I will use those too.  Lots of quilting to get done, don't you know.

If things work out right, tomorrow morning I will finish installing the bathroom sink.  It seems like Sunday mornings are right for plumbing.  I don't know why.  I have made 5 trips to Lowes and Home Depot so far for this project and think, yeah, think this will finally get done.  Then, I will head downstairs to putter.

No knitting is getting done, no spinning really either.  Maybe Monday?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I have tried with no luck to get google to get me back to my blog Spin on a Whim, but no luck, they haven't answered my questions, nor have they offered any advice.  ack

So, here I am at the new and improved Spin on a Whim II  Google be damned.

I have been spinning and quite a bit.  I got laid off again in November from what I thought was going to be a winner job, but working for a control freak is making me happy to be gone from there.  I am looking for a job (please don't offer suggestions, I have all the resources I need, thank you for thinking of me).

Anyway...back to the spinning thing.  I estimate around 30 pounds or so in 3 or 4 months.  woohoo!!  I have been bringing up bags of processed fleeces from the basement stashial area and voila!  Lots of fun.  I also have been spinning for a fair isle project.  I do have a pattern in mind, kinda, but might change that at some point.  I won 12 ounces or so at a retreat and then searched for 4 additional natural colors to spin.  This yarn is spun to do a 8 stitches or so to the inch, so it was fun to spin that fine for a change.  I have moorit, dark gray, light gray and black.

I have finished the moorit which wasn't really as nice as all the white that I spun.  It was carded with all the fleece included.  This means that the wonderful fine stuff was carded with the tog.  But, it washed up nicely even though it poofed up more than the white.  I think I can block this out later if I need to.  Or, I might find some more fleece.  The stuff that I spun was Louet roving I am pretty sure.  The rest of the wool that I found online, looks pretty nice.  All from USA fleeces and processed nicely.

I also have been working on my applique project (Aunt Millies Garden) and yes, I did use red backgrounds.  Who knew red could be a neutral?  I also am doing two blocks of the month quilts, Civil War Tribute and the new Civil War quilt (Homestead Hearth patterns).  I miss not doing some machine piecing.

Also, I finally cleared out enough room in the basement to set up my Grace machine quilting frame.  It involves many hours of fitting pieces together.  Many hours.  But, it's almost ready to go and I will be making some cotton headers for it and can then start the process of learning.  The machine I have to work on it with doesn't have a very deep throat, but might look for an upgrade one day.  This will do for now for sure.

So, hopefully I can add pics tomorrow  :>)