Monday, February 18, 2013


Seems like I have titled more than one post with that title.  I have taken pictures.  Yesiree.  But, they are at home in the camera.  I will get my act together one of these days.

I have been out in the garden moving railroad ties.  And despite them being riddled with ant colonies, they are HEAVY.  I have learned not to use railroad ties for gardens.  The creosote even when very old, will stop anything from growing.  I am redoing my vegetable beds back to flat garden that I can make natural raised beds by shovel and rake.  This makes them movable and I can compost grass clippings, newspapers, etc. on the walkways.  Easier for me, good for the garden.

I ordered seeds from Park.  They have a big sale on right now Website  I used to order from Burpee's a long time ago, but they are EXPENSIVE.  sheesh.  Last year I joined a CSA but they have now overpriced what I got last year.  How much Swiss Chard, Patty Pan squash and Eggplants can one possibly eat?  Me?  Not very many.  The fresh greens were excellent though.

I attended the Helper Spring Retreat this year.  It was so very nice to have Michelle and Al take care of us.  Amazing food as always.  I spun all weekend (3 plus days).  I am almost done with the purple thrums.  yay  Something yummy will follow.  I have lots to choose from. 

Still working 10 hours of overtime a week.  Things are stressful as the project is behind and over budget.  And the project is in process of being turned over to the client.  Did I say stressful?  yah.  I don't know how long I will be here.  Am hoping for not long.  Ready to move along.

Update on the kitty.  Her toe surgery was an adventure.  She was not amused.  But, she is running around like a kitten again.  The toe had to be cut open to remove the rogue toenail.  She endured a "cast" of white tape and then a very modern sticky colored tape of emerald green.  She could walk on it soon after surgery so I am hoping it was healing pain and not pre-surgery pain.  The vet did an amazing job. 


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