Sunday, January 8, 2012

It's crazy

It is crazy how fast the time goes whizzing right on by sometimes.  whew!

Holidays are over for 2011 and 2012 is here.  And people thought the end of the world was going to be 12 years ago?  doh

The job is still taking up most of my time and will until later this year.  This is a contract job even though they give full benefits and I won't know exactly how long I will be working this many hours (or maybe even more) until the job is finished.  I am sure I will get another job after this one.  And, for my sanity and energy level, I hope a 40 hours per week job.  Or maybe part time.  hmmm.   I will be on Medicare this year.  yay.  I won't have to worry so much about insurance anyway.  So part time might be perfect.

I have pictures.................  Ready?

Remember this project?  It's all knitted and ready for seams and buttons.  This is closer to the real color as well, the above picture was so yellow and pink and I give up trying to figure out cameras for color anyway.

I hope to do that soon.  Seems attainable, but I really can't tell when I will grab the pile of blocked pieces and do it.  Maybe this week?

In the mean time, a new project happened.  I have had this bag of yarn and the pattern ready for way too long.  It's fun to knit so now that I am started, it will finally get done.  The sweater is for me.  I also am still working on the sweater shawl sweater and quilting.

This is a new block of the month that I am working on.  It's called Kansas City Star and will be totally pieced.  The fabrics are similar each month, this one is called Posie.  Don't you also love my ironing board cover?

I also am working on the 2011/12 Civil War Revival quilt top and we are almost done with that one.  I will get some pics of that soon.

The Whimsical Garden blocks continue:

I am almost halfway done with the blocks!  They are so much fun and easy to make.

I have joined two new blocks-of the month groups.  This one starting soon:

Sarah's Revival 

And this beauty starting in April:

Baltimore Beauty 

I put together my one of the quilting swap projects that I did a very long time ago.  Chickens.  It's wonderful and will take a picture of it very soon.

Today, I am preparing the header cloths for my Grace Quilting Frame.  I gave myself an upgrade to the metal carriage for Christmas, so now it's a go for the whole thing.  Pictures will happen as soon as I get the first quilt ready to work on.  yippee

An engineer that I was chatting with at work asked me what I was possibly going to do when I retire.  hahahahahahahahahahahahaaha

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