Sunday, February 5, 2012

New pics!!

The quilting continues, just not so much.

Cute huh?  These are all fabrics that I ordered from Piece'o'Cake.  Love them.  They were moving their shop and put a bunch of stuff on sale.  So, I couldn't resist their grab bags.

I am still working a LOT so I really don't have the energy to post here, nor have much fun at all really.  I will post as often as I can though.  I started some new things.  I think it's the after-the-holidays-startitis.

This sweater in white and aubergine.  Baby silk.  Yes, it's that soft too.

Not only soft but fuzzy like angora too.  Just Alpaca and silk.

This is handspun that I have dyed at Kathy's Meadow over the years.  The browns were dyed with Cutch, black walnuts and madder, the pinks with brazilwood and cochineal and the greens were from various yellows dyed with goldenrod, rabbit brush and weld, then overdyed with indigo.  I love, love, love dyeing with yellows and then indigo, the greens are really spectacular and all so different and amazing.

These projects are added to all the others.  Some of them are easy to knit so that's for nights and weekends when I can't concentrate and other projects are for nights and weekends when I can take on more complicated stuff.

This job will last until the end of the year or so, maybe a bit longer, then I can breathe again.  I will sign up with Medicare this year and then hope to just work part-time jobs or at least regular 40 hours a week jobs until I retire.  I am truly tired of working for other people at this point and I will just spend time working at my own business selling dyed fibers and yarns and then the spinning wheel bags.  That might be enough for me.  :>)

Onward.  This is Sunday morning and I do have one thing that has to be done today, but otherwise, just sit tight at home and enjoy the day.  ta

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