Sunday, September 4, 2011

Festivals and Fairs are over for the year whew!

Well, the last two weeks have been very busy.  The first weekend I spent at the Helper Arts and Music Festival.  The event was a little different this year.  More vendors, less noise.  No damn train going around and around bothering all, not much music at the main park or at least we couldn't hear much, no Helper Arts Idol contest, so only a few bad singers or bands (these were very close and did include karaoke type singers), and not many hurricanes blew through.  We did get cloudy afternoons which were wonderful.

I picked up a couple of vendors who came to Great Basin Fiber Arts Fair.  A very nice Navajo couple who came from Arizona and were on their way to Reno to another Fair, and a couple of great ladies who made drums and glass objects and also painted kids' faces.  The latter were already signed up to do the Magna Arts Festival (I know, an oxymoron for sure) which they did do, but they came to our Fair to check it out.  I think they will sign up with us next year.  :>)

I have been working on a new sweater.  I know, another new project.  doh for me.  But, I almost have the front done already.  Isn't it cool?  I have made this pattern before and am loving doing it again.  I have it folded in the picture.  This version is a tunic length (I made the shirt length before).  It's one of my Wasatch Watercolours colorways Ophir Creek spun in Blue Face Leister.  Oh, yummy.

Great Basin went very well indeed.  We had a grand total of 29 vendors this year!  wowsers!!  Everyone said they had a fantastic time.  I did well as a vendor and I think everyone else did.  I am so proud of my Board of Directors.  yay for them, oh, and me!!!

I have been continuing to work hard in the yard and have now lost a total of 20 pounds in the last 6 months.  10 around 6 months ago and 10 in the last month and a half.  I am feeling it too.  So much better.

This week?  A busy one.  Today I attended a steak dinner for my Father-in-Law Jay.  All the family was there except for my man and my BIL LareLare and his partner Jeff.  I miss them.  Tomorrow is a short trip to Kamas to spin and knit with friend Deb.  I hope all the birds up there come and see us.  Tuesday I am judging all day at the Utah State Fair with friend Janet.  My hair appt. on Wed.  sheesh.  By then, I should know if I got a job or not.  This job sounds fun, so am trying to not think about it.  My luck hasn't been very good this time of being laid off.  

I have got quilting to do too.  Oh, my.

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