Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lots of work to get done before winter!

Today, mowing of lawns, moving of soil, start to move railroad ties.

Railroad ties were such a great idea, but if I had lined them with heavy plastic, it would have been a better idea.  The problem is that they leach creosote into the soil and the dampness encourages ants to tunnel and eat the ties.  The creosote discourages plants.  So, my plant production has dwindled to nothing over the years.  I will cut up and discard the damaged ties and move the others to the perimeter of the yard in front of vines.  I have silver lace vines on my west fencing in the back yard and then grapes on the west side.  And, also, Virginia creepers on the back that are getting a great start and a couple of Trumpet vines as well.  Beings the ties won't be touching the vines and a bit away from the roots, they should be fine.

I have also been working in the garage to rearrange and organize all of the stuff that accumulates out there.  I have had some yard sale stuff under a tarp for a few years and it needs to go someplace else.  A lot to the Thrift Store.  I hope all this activity today will make my 2 pound weight loss for the week.  :>)

So far I have lost 10 pounds in the last month and a half.  It's kind of hard for me to wrap my head around because my thyroid deficiency has stopped all weight loss for the last 5 years and caused a lot of weight gain in the mean time.  It's been so frustrating to try to lose weight and it just     won't      go.   Finally!!  I feel like my metabolism is back to my normal.  whoohooo!!

The knitting continues.  I have been working on the new mitered squares sweater and the dark blue sweater.  And, I finished the new green blocks for the 2011 civil war quilt.  I picked up the new month edition from last month and will get started on those blocks today.  I am now 3 months behind on the 2010 civil war version, but will take a look at that today as well.  And get the next block of the Whimsical birds quilt going.  It's so nice to have traveling and fiber fairs over with.

I don't have any new pictures of anything.  The yard is messy and there isn't much progress on anything else.  Maybe next week.  :>)

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