Monday, August 15, 2011

It is tomorrow, just not tomorrow

I have a lot of pics today.  Finally!  Quilting first:

This is the first block of My Whimsical Quilt Garden .  I chose the brown colorway shown at the bottom of the webpage.  I did order their fabric pack for the backgrounds, but it wasn't quite enough for the 20 blocks that I want to do, so will find more chocolate fabric later.  I am working each flower or bird, etc. at a time.  This first block has 42 unique pieces.  It was overwhelming, so decided to take smaller bites.

My birds will be turquoise with most of the flowers bright pinks in dots and stripes and plaids.  The colors are much brighter than they are showing in this pic and the stuff on the carpet came from another quilt shown below.  This is the current civil war fabrics reproduction quilt that I am doing as a block of the month.  Lots o piecing.  Lots.

This square measures probably 5 feet.  It's been fun to sew the pieces together as we go.  Now I have new blocks to do and don't know when we will be adding them to the big piece.  Here is one of the next blocks, I have 3 more to finish.

I also finished all the red blocks from Aunt Millies Garden .  Our applique group started this one awhile back and after I got the first block of pink carnations done (wow, what seemed like hundreds of little points) it was a blast to work on.  I have been working on the diagonal sashing and yesterday, I started putting the blocks together.  I haven't gotten all the little centers pieced and added, but will get that done.  I have the borders to work on now.  Isn't it fun?  Who knew everything would look great on red?

The last picture is of the antique quilt top that I am hand quilting for friend Deb Mc.  She was given two quilt tops, one not quite finished.  She also had a Baby Wolf loom that she was willing to trade to have the quilt tops finished.  I could not resist.  Baby Wolf looms are wonderful things.  It's sitting in front of a closet and won't be used until I fulfill my end of the deal.  So, the quilt is on the frame and it took me awhile to figure out how I wanted to quilt it.  I am not an expert at this, but will be one.  I have quilted before, but not for many years.  This quilt top was appliqued and completely pieced by hand.  Tiny, tiny stitches.  The fabric is sheeting.  It doesn't seem to have been used, or at least very much, I don't see any worn spots.  The backing I chose is sheeting to match, with a cotton batting.  The other quilt top is all pieced and also was entirely pieced by hand.  It's the one that I will be finishing.  Just one corner to do I think and one border.  I will machine quilt that one.

That's it for the quilting stuff.  I have loved working on all of it.  Now for updates on the knitting:

Here's the sweater/shawl.  I ran out of yarn and decided to put beads on the edge.  I have the beads and a little yarn left so will continue with that.  This color shows up way bright, it's more subdued than this.  You can see the armholes.

This last picture is of the navy/purple-y sweater.

It's still a mystery to me why the color shows up so blue.  But, this way you can see the shaping pattern.  The sleeves are done and in and I am just finishing with the little cables, so it's smooth sailing from here on.

Whew!  I have been busy.

I am also continuing on with yard work.  Today, it's cooler out there this morning, so will see if I can get the rest of the redwood put under the fence on the west side of the front yard and also move the rest of the black soil out of the bag and onto the roses.  I did get that little garden bed done with it's red hot pokers planted.  The quails loved it.  They have made little dirt bath places in the freshly dug soil.  That being said, I need to get myself out there.

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