Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nice Drive

My last official job for Park City Retreat this year was completed this morning.  Driving up the canyon to the quiet and very moist meadow to get the rest of the camping gear and get it safely stored away until next year.

The pasture was full of robins hunting.  Both older adults and the almost full grown speckled babies.  There were 4 balloons over Kimball Junction too!

The meadow?  Quiet except for the birds and the occasional bike rider or jogger on the trail.

Home again and now to get all the stuff packed away and get some spinning and knitting done today.  Maybe some plumbing to finally finish the bathroom sink installation.  Just the pipe between the sink and wall and silicone around the sink.  Sounds easy, but after the drama of trying to get all the right parts to get the installation done, it was another plumbing adventure and several trips to Lowes.  I think 20 minutes should do it.  :>)


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