Saturday, August 6, 2011

Off to see Mumsie

Today I will drive to Logan to see my Mom.  She has had her hands full with my niece and her 3 kids living with her in her mobile home for the last year and 8 months.  They finally got a low cost housing grant and have moved out.  woohoo!!  Now she is beginning the cleaning.  I can help with that for sure.

That whole thing has been really hard on Mom and it's such a relief for her to have her life back again.  She was trying to help by giving them a home, but what an ordeal.

I have been trying to catch up with my DVR after being gone for 5 days for retreat.  whew!  Much knitting has been accomplished though.  I need to take more pics of the sweater/shawl because I am at the crochet edging.

 I did get some sewing done today.  I am trying to get the sashing strips done for the Aunt Millies Garden quilt.  This meant sewing strips together and then cutting them on a 45 degree angle.  They said to use 9 strips and so I did that, but they didn't come out long enough to trim them to 14 1/2".  I am sure it was my fault somehow, but I finally got them finished this day.  I will be taking pics of each of the 12 appliqued blocks and then starting to sew them all together.  Then....I have to start the borders which have more applique on them.  I really love the look of the whole pattern as done by the Piece O Cake ladies so am doing it just like they did.

So, off trippin' again.

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