Thursday, August 11, 2011


Um, not me physically, but probably mentally.  I have been so tired this week and it's probably from sitting around.  duh.  I              can't                 stop                    knitting.

I did get my butt outside this morning though and got the new garden section dug and planted.  whew!  I have been working on doing this for a couple of years now.  What was the final push though was finding 3 all red Red Hot Poker plants at the local nursery.  They have been sitting in the back garden beds being watered by rain and sprinklers and growing in their too small containers.  Now they have new homes and will grow very well.

This part of the front lawn never stays wet enough to keep the grass looking good, so I fixed that problem.  Now to finish edging the lawn and weeding a bit.  Oh, yeah, and getting more recycled redwood put under the fence.  Now that I figured how to do that, it won't be so bad except for the heat.

Pics tomorrow of a lot of stuff.  I promise.


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