Monday, August 1, 2011

Back to the Valley

Retreat is over (almost) for this year.  I just have to make one more trip to get the Woolpack stuff loaded and back into it's storage unit.  Wow, it was a lot of fun this year.  It usually is a lot of fun, but this year was a smaller group and I think every one to a person had a great time.

I loved the weather (sunny with cooler afternoon clouds that rained very rarely), the workshops (I have a new basket almost made and am determined to finish it this week if it ever stops raining in the valley-sheesh), the prizes (wow, some amazing things won), my two new spindles (one bought and one won), I finished the gray fleece that I was spinning and have more than half a bobbin of some Blue Face Leister that I actually dyed (I hardly ever spin anything that I dye to sell), I relaxed (yay), I got some reading done (Echo in the Bone, Gabaldon), I got an amazing massage by master Justine, two great fires in the mornings, my business did well (thanks everyone), the hot bath when I got home, my kitty so over the moon happy, and a happy man to have me home.  What more did I need?  Nothing.

Oh, pictures?  I got em...

This is the view from my chair under a 10x20 canopy in 4 views.  This one above is my business canopy and the Woolpack welcome canopy on the right.

This is the view up the meadow (it's not really that steep, but pretty much level) This is the kitchen for retreat. We have volunteers that plan the meals and then they are prepared in the meadow.  yummy.

This is the view down the meadow with all the kitchen stuff piled on the tables ready to move to the kitchen.  The next day, there were canopies all the way down the meadow and up past ours.

This is a little dark, but it's Barb on the left and Justine on the right.  It's the only other picture that I took of people during the weekend.  You can see the prize tent (with the blue) and the food tent just beyond that has always been raccoon proof.  

The loot.  A silk Chinese bag with Suri Alpaca in it from Adrien, silk hankies (Carolyn), little skeins (Carolyn), top row brown alpaca from Esther, The Parker spindle, carded purple batt (Carolyn), the Greensleeves spindle, and finally gorgeous green top (Jennifer).

What I traded Justine for after she picked 2 necklaces that I made.

3 of the leftovers ($35 a piece, just a gratuitous ad fpr me)

Two more of those necklaces.  The dark pendant is a fossil.

This is what I am spinning now.  Ophir Creek on Blue Face Leister.  Spins like butta.

Well, what's this?  That sweater/shawl that's growing!  I am past the sleeve openings and moving towards the crochet stuff.

Oops, I forgot this prize.  Blue Alpaca/pink wool from Robin.  It's really soft so will be yummy to spin.  
Oh, I also got a great book from Wendy T, Textured Knits.  Love the simple, elegant patterns.

Well, I had better get back to the pies in the oven (peach).  And get ready to cook dinner for me and my man.  Pork steaks, mashed potatoes with gravy and peach pie for desert.  I just realized I am starving.  Had better have a snack now.  


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