Monday, July 25, 2011

Park City Retreat!!

Well, all the planning (late this year for sure) is done, I am doing last minute work for my business and tomorrow will start packing up my stuff to take on Wednesday early, I hope.

No news on the garden front except I will have some grape tomatoes when I get back this weekend.  That will be so nice to finally have some fresh tomatoes.  I have eaten a couple of spicy yellow peppers and they were delicious.

I have been doing some dyeing yesterday and this morning and it's hard work for sure, but the results are fun.

It looks so murky and diabolical, doesn't it?  I didn't know the steam would show up.  This dyepot is gorgeous.  Burgundy, gold, green and navy.  yummy.

Just then, the camera decided that it didn't have enough breakfast to do more, so I had to change batteries.  But, and this is shocking, I am going to take it to retreat.  I have so many pictures of past retreats, I don't know who's pics I will be taking or of what, but it will be interesting.

So, more stuff to find and more stuff to get ready, ta until next week.

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