Monday, July 11, 2011

ah, yes, the blog

Well, my life continues on same, same.  Still looking for a job, collecting unemployment, knitting like a demon, spinning somewhat, sewing a LOT on applique and the two civil war reproduction quilts.  Oh, and a TON of gardening.

We have had such a nice cool spring and summer, I am always confused when I look outside and see a ton of flowers and wet ground.  We had 7 years of drought followed by a couple of "normal" years.  This year is delicious.

Pics.  Finally.  ha

 The first is the sweater that I am constructing using some of the natural dyed yarns that I dyed at the Park City Retreat over years of time.  I love this project and will get back to it soon.
 This is a new project from called Turn of the Glass.  Am loving it.

 Who is this guy?  Pocahantas' dad.  I have found her and him in my genealogy.  I am directly related to Nicketta who was her sister and his daughter.  She was married to Ray Lee Davis.
And, who is this fine Scot?  Well, I have traced my genealogy back 3 different lines to the Sutherland clan.   Am, verra, verra proud to be a member of this clan.  Now I will make it official by turning in all the paperwork to the Clan.

These were pretty random pics and notes, but that's me these days.  I won't promise to be blogging every day but am going to try.  It makes me happy and I am happy to read blogs of other friends and interesting people. I am going to carry my camera about with me as I travel and roam the garden.


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