Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My flowers

The campion!

This rose is really more orangey, it's raining this morning.

The yucca bloomed overnight.  It's glorious today.  I have a whole row of them in my parking strip.

Beings it's raining, the lavender smells so spicy and strong.

I planted 30 lilies last fall.  I used to have them but they all died during the long, long drought that we have had here in the valley.  This is the first orange one to bloom.  Actually, I don't know how many of each color I have so it's been exciting to see what colors are showing up.  These are Asian lilies.

Gorgeous delicate pinks.

Whites were the first to bloom, then the pinks and now the darker colors.

I don't remember a summer like this one.  Late, cool spring and then monsoons so early.  So weird to have humidity like this!  

Well, back to my knitting for today.  This is a shawl sweater with crocheted edging made with Kauni yarn in color EA.  

And, planting 5 arborvitae to fill in the spots on my hedge to the east.  These are huge for me to plant, over 6 feet.  whew.  Just as soon as it stops raining anyway.

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  1. Thanks for the new blog. It's like a nice long visit with you. I love the photos & your descriptions of what you are up to.

    I have a nice wild flower that came up in the upper garden & I don't know it's name but I am sure you do. It reminds me of you so I am certain it's a plant for dye. I'll have to take a shot of it so you can indentify it for me.