Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy Monday

I can say that because I don't have to get up and go to work.  :>)  I sure hope to have a job soon, the search is so very frustrating.

I was just out in the garden and got some more pics.

This lily was gorgeous last night.  It opened up and was so clear and the color was so nicely salmon.  Today though with the heat and looks like a few bugs, it's a little bit shabby.  There are lots more blooms though.

Looks like pink day.  Most of the flower pics today are pink!  This is a big bee balm plant.  The flowers are an interesting color, not purple but not pink either.

Hen and chicks.  Purple version.  These flowers are so long lasting and smell good!  I don't think I have ever smelled them before.  My mom had some of the green ones growing at the back of our house while I was growing up.

Goldenrods are just starting to bloom.  Love them and they are a great dyeplant!  I will have to wait until they start spreading though.  I can see that I need to get the lamb's ears under control.  They have spread too much.

This is Birdie and she is wondering what am I doing?  You can see her back feet ready to leap if something is going to jump out of the camera at her.  Yes, she has her very own chair to sit and catnap and dream every day.  She loves it out there until the sun starts hitting the chair.  She also has 3 catnip patches to lay in and munch.

It's clouding up and I am hoping for thunderstorms tonight.  Love them.  The louder the better.

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