Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The new bushes

I got 3 of them planted today.  2 more will be in the ground tomorrow morning.  I got such a great deal on them at Shopko I couldn't pass it up.  I had to level the ground a lot, the extra soil will be moved to the back yard to help level a yet to be built patio.

Also, I found some Salvia's blooming.  I love salvias, veronicas in all forms.  I have some silver leaved with purple flowers, common salvias, veronicas and some pink salvias.

And, finally I remembered my woad.  This fall, I will process them into a blue dye.  This dye has the same make-up as indigo.  It's not as strong, but gives gorgeous blues.

I tried for a few years to get some to start in my garden, but no luck.  Finally they just appeared either via bird poop or the wind.  I let one plant go to seed last summer and have this lovely crop of babies.  They are biennials so you have to grab them the first year before they shoot up the flower stalk and bloom the second year.

Tomorrow I will show another dye plant or two around the garden.  :>)

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