Thursday, July 21, 2011


Yay!  Yellow!

I was thinking it looked yellow last night and am so pleased to see it this morning.  It's visible from the kitchen window so I can admire it until it fades.

I have been knitting.  And knitting.

 The shaping continues.  3 more inches to the armholes.  woohoo!  I did take a picture of the shawl/sweater but I guess it didn't work.  I have gone through the greens now and am heading back into purple.  Love it.  Picture soon.

I have had several orchids blooming this spring.  Here's a couple from my kitchen.

They are so happy looking.  :>)  I did have another striped moth orchid blooming but it just decided to drop about 5 blooms at once the other day.  

Kinda show and tell day.  The weather has been wonderful this week and then it got hot again today.  I did get most of my really heavy work done this spring.  Now I am down to weeding and putting in one more little garden addition.  I hope I can work on that tomorrow morning before it gets too warm.  

May I vent a little about the job hunt?  This week I sent out multiple resumes, some of them were for my favorite position, Document Control.  They almost all called me and asked for a short phone interview.  One of them called at 8:30 pm last night!  I find that more than a little odd.  I called right back and got the message machine and then no pick up twice more this morning.  The same thing happened the other day when a guy called and I tried to call him back several times like he had said to do.  Finally he emailed and said that the job had been filled.  This is more than frustrating.  They ask really mundane questions like is 8 to 5 five days a week ok?  I have my fingers crossed for one job that I think would be a perfect fit for me, but it's been a week since my in person interview and nothing.  Keep me in your thoughts.

I am thinking that most job hunters out there are getting as depressed as me.  It's hard not to feel that way.  sheesh. <I am mumbling bad things about GW Bush.>   Back to my knitting.....


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