Saturday, July 16, 2011

Just a nice day

I don't have any new pics today.  I was hoping to get more bushes put in, but they were all out at Shopko.  Rats.  I will have to go to Lowes tomorrow and get a couple.  I am sad to not have those beautiful tall arborvitae, but will have a couple nonetheless.  Then the rest of the front yard will need to be spruced up.  I did get some weeding done in the roses a couple of days ago and also the front flower garden.  But, those wonderful yucca's will need to be done early in the morning when it's cooler.  Morning glory and grass and wild lettuce, oh my.

I do have a bit of that great black soil left in the bag that it was delivered in.  I will spread it into the roses and the rest around the arborvitae.  Then, to get the weeds out of the driveway cracks.  I do know that boiling water works quite well, but it's work too to run back and forth to the kitchen.  I think Round-up will be the thing tomorrow.

A friend Susan, mentioned that some stuff called "Over the Top" would kill grass.  I have been using Grass B Gon for the last few years when I can find it.  I had bought some stuff called Ornamec and looked at the label and guess what?  It says on the label that you can spray it "over the top" of almost anything and it will just kill the grass.  ha!  So, I had some anyway.  I do have a sprayer, so will get it out and dust it off and use that.

The mail just got here and I am finished on the computer for the day.

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